• International Proximity is a management company which specialises in advising some of the world's leading multinational corporations, investment funds and financial institutions on maximising the opportunities offered by the Mauritius international financial services centre and the region.


Investment funds

Mauritius has developed as an important centre for fund administration, with a particular expertise in administration of open-ended and closed-ended funds investing in India. It is also increasingly used for funds focused on Africa, where its expertise, fund legislation and stability make it the African fund domicile of choice.

The Securities Act and Rules provide for a comprehensive regime for collective investment schemes and closed-end funds including collective investment schemes aimed at sophisticated investors (expert funds) and closed-end funds aimed at sophisticated investors (professional collective investment schemes). Unit trusts may also be registered. The setting up of local fund management and fund advisory companies is encouraged. The human resource cost advantages and the tax treaty benefits make Mauritius a very efficient choice of fund domicile.