• International Proximity is a management company which specialises in advising some of the world's leading multinational corporations, investment funds and financial institutions on maximising the opportunities offered by the Mauritius international financial services centre and the region.


Mauritius advantage

Since the introduction of offshore legislation in 1992, the Mauritian international financial services centre has developed at an impressive rate principally due to Mauritius' important tax treaty with India. Mauritius is now one of the largest inbound investors in India. It is also the fourth largest recipient of outbound investment from India. Mauritius has become a preferred domicile for US and European retail and professional funds and multinational corporations investing in the regional markets of south-east Asia and Africa and has graduated beyond treaty work to become a recognized regional financial services centre. The financial services industry is well established as a key pillar in the economy of Mauritius offering long term growth and quality employment opportunities. Mauritius is a sophisticated and dynamic centre from which to do business.