• International Proximity is a management company which specialises in advising some of the world's leading multinational corporations, investment funds and financial institutions on maximising the opportunities offered by the Mauritius international financial services centre and the region.


Investment planning and administration centre

The credibility of Mauritius as an international financial services centre and the assurance that it will have a successful future rests upon the sound foundation of its domestic economy and infrastructure. This sound foundation has been one of the elements which has permitted Mauritius to extend its existing network of double taxation treaties so that Mauritius now constitutes a major tax planning centre for the Indian Ocean Rim and beyond. In addition to its treaty with India, Mauritius has important tax treaties with the People's Republic of China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Singapore and several African countries.
Mauritius is perceived as a serious tax planning centre and is not burdened with a 'tax haven' image. Its experience in fund administration ensures that it is a recognized domicile for private equity emerging markets investment funds.