• International Proximity is a management company which specialises in advising some of the world's leading multinational corporations, investment funds and financial institutions on maximising the opportunities offered by the Mauritius international financial services centre and the region.


Platform for Africa

Africa offers immense opportunities to investors in mining, construction, telecommunications, software and IT services and manufacturing. Latest reports suggest that by 2015, 7 out of 10 of the world's fastest growing economies will be in Africa.
Mauritius has become the preferred platform for investment into Africa: Institutions such as the African Development Bank invest regularly in Mauritius-domiciled African investment funds, leveraging off the fund administration expertise that has been built up in the Mauritius financial services centre over years of administering India-oriented funds.

Mauritius offers the following advantages as a platform for investment into Africa:

  • Strategic geographical position close to the African continent: Bridge between Africa and Asia aided by convenient time zone at GMT+4
  • Close cultural, business and bilateral ties with Africa
  • Business friendly legislation and government committed to growth of international business Stable democracy. Strong legal system. No exchange control. Successful stock exchange.
  • Robust banking system Regulated by the Bank of Mauritius with all major international banks present in Mauritius
  • Recognised business environment World Bank in its latest Doing Business Report ranks Mauritius first in Africa and 23rd globally for its ease of doing business. Mo Ibrahim Index on Good Governance positions the jurisdiction first in Africa as does the Index of Economic Freedom.
  • Strong track record as a financial centre of choice for emerging markets' investment Preferred domicile for US and European retail and professional funds and multinational corporations investing in the regional markets of south-east Asia and Africa
  • Pool of highly qualified and bilingual professionals Bilingualism eases communication with French speaking Africa. Capability to service BPO and back office operations.
    Only international financial services centre that is member of all major African regional organizations (COMESA, SADC, African Union,IOR-ARC) allowing duty free and preferential market access to an immediate market of over 600 million people. State of the art Freeport facilities.
  • Network of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (14 treaties with African countries and more in the pipeline) offering fiscal efficiency
  • Network of Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements, (17 signed with African nations) offering unparalleled risk mitigation opportunities with respect to African investments, including guarantees against expropriation of assets and discrimination between local and foreign investors and provision for dispute settlements.
  • Pleasant and secure living environment with excellent hotels and celebrated beaches.
  • Expatriate occupation permits issued within 3 days and business permits within 15 days


Both as a private client jurisdiction offering trust and foundation services and as a quality location for fund administration and corporate holding activity-Mauritius is increasingly being used for back office administration and for group treasury management functions-Mauritius' future as a key international financial services centre with a focus on Asia and Africa is assured.