• International Proximity provides the full range of services to structure, set up and run on an ongoing basis companies, investment funds and trusts in Mauritius


Company and fund administration

International Proximity prepares applications for formation of companies and funds, monitors the formation process to incorporation, handles post-incorporation housekeeping matters including bank account opening, provides an ongoing domiciliation service including provision of a registered office, local directors and company secretary, maintains statutory records, handles subscriptions and redemptions and effects filings with the authorities.

International Proximity also forms and administers trading companies and companies which can access the benefits of Mauritius' Freeport.


Formation work Collating information for submission to the regulatory authorities and for due diligence purposes
  Liaising with the Registrar of Companies ("RoC") to obtain name approval for the Company/Fund
  Finalising the constitution of the Company/Fund as drafted by legal counsel in conjunction with the client
  Preparing the application for the incorporation of the Company/Fund and submitting the relevant documents to the FSC and RoC
Monitoring formation process to incorporation Attending to FSC queries
  Arranging for the relevant fees to be paid to the FSC and RoC and liaising with them to obtain the relevant licences
Incorporation house-keeping Arranging for initial issuance of shares and appointment of initial officers and provision of nominee shareholders, including preparation of first minutes
  Opening a bank account with a Mauritian bank
  Arranging for the appointment of a tax consultant in Mauritius
  Arranging for the appointment of auditors
  Reviewing the material agreements relevant to the Company/Fund
  Drafting the Administration Agreement
  Arranging for the application to the Mauritius Revenue Authority for a tax residence certificate
Domiciliation Provision of the registered office
  Provision of two resident directors
Company secretary and registrar Provision of a resident company secretary and registrar
  Maintenance of statutory records including minutes, register of members, directors, secretary
  Handling of subscriptions and redemptions
  Preparation of notices and minutes of meetings of directors and shareholders
  Timely settlement of licence fees to the FSC and RoC
  Filing of statutory returns to comply with the requirements of the regulatory authorities including
-filing of change in directors, addresses of directors, etc
-filing of change in shareholders, addresses of shareholders etc
-filing of audited accounts
-filing of tax returns
-filing of issues and redemptions of shares if required
Due diligence Conducting due diligence reviews on investors as per the Financial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2002 and the Code on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
Bookkeeping and accounting Maintenance of accounting records for all movements of funds
  Maintenance of accounting records for the purchases and sales of investments
Handling of relationship with auditors Contacting the auditors whenever the accounts are due for audit
  Assisting the auditors in their audit work
  Monitoring the audit exercise and ensuring that the accounts are ready for filing within the prescribed regulatory deadlines
  Arranging for the signing of accounts by the directors and the auditors
Tax Liaising with the Mauritian tax consultant for the annual tax return
  Arranging for the settlement of the Mauritian tax liability
  Filing quarterly electronic tax returns
  Liaising with the investee country tax consultant regarding investee country tax liability
Investment services Accepting instructions from the client (or relevant parties as agreed)/investment manager in regard to investments
  Arranging for funds to be transferred to the bank account held in investee country for settlement of investments
  Liaising with the investee country tax consultant on repatriation of funds for the issue of a tax remittance certificate
  Liaising with the custodian to repatriate the funds to Mauritius-based bank and in turn to the client